Our Projects

Bikes for Free

With the help of our volunteers we are able to donate dozens of bikes to children in the inner city of Philadelphia who are less fortunate.

Save the Shores

A handful of volunteers were able to come out and help pick up over a hundred pounds of trash from the Delaware bay.

Pictures for life

Capturing an image that helps preserve state parks is an amazing way to get involved in park maintenance. 


about us

Project Rescue Earth is dedicated to saving the environment one step at a time, emphasizing the importance of volunteers from every community. We serve as volunteers in order to save the planet we live on. There are not many natural parks left untouched by humans so in order to maintain their natural beauty we must minimize our carbon footprint. 

A huge part of this world is also the people and by helping those less fortunate we can expect progress in return. A better community is a better world.

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Volunteer hours

We provide thousands of hours a year to volunteers all over the nation. We log them in state databases backed by local governments.



Our programs show leadership and initiative which helps the community as well as the environment.  


Environmental Duty

To help reduce our carbon footprints and support others in need we host community events that draw everyone together for a greater good.

recent projects