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Project Rescue Earth is dedicated to saving the environment one step at a time, emphasizing the importance of volunteers from every community. We serve as volunteers in order to save the planet we live on. There are not many natural parks left untouched by humans so in order to maintain their natural beauty we must minimize our carbon footprint. 

The Project Rescue Earth Foundation started in conjunction with Delaware’s state park’s need for communal volunteers. The foundation was an idea started by Kris Oei. Kris had the idea in 2018 to start a program that would positively impact his community while helping high school students gain volunteer hours. He saw the lack of volunteers at state parks and wanted to help, upon looking for programs to volunteer he could not find any and decided to start his own.

The Project Rescue Earth Foundation is 501(c)3, non-profit, tax exempt organization. Federal ID: 84-2174734