Our Work

Bikes for free

In conjunction with Saint Thomas Aquinas Church in Philadelphia, Project Rescue Earth has donated over a dozen bikes to the attendees that live on lower incomes. Many of the kids who attend the church are not able to afford bikes or any form of transportation and we hope that this will provide them a better way to get to and from school. In addition, adults, who show a need, receive bikes in hopes it makes their lives easier.

Save the shores

Project Rescue Earth works closely with the local Delaware government in order to help clean and reduce trash build up in the Delaware bay. This helps preserve the ocean and helps Delaware retain its beautiful shoreline.

Pictures for life

Our network of volunteers are given the opportunity to go out for hours and take pictures of nature at their local parks in order to receive hours of service in return. This collaboration with student volunteers provides state parks with an extensive and up-to-date data base of the park’s health over a period of time.