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PRE’s work has expanded beyond just working on conserving state parks to other humanitarian and community oriented projects. By putting our volunteers and members of our community first we are able to focus on improving human life, wildlife, and local ecological systems. We emphasize the importance of educating the future generation of politicians, students, and scientists in order to further understand the threats our planet faces.

We work with every level from individual volunteers, groups, companies, all the way to our local government to find innovative solutions to our most pressing challenges.


Invasive species have a variety of negative impacts which include limiting the biodiversity of an ecosystem and increasing ecological competition among native plants. Our organization has worked closely with Brandywine Creek State Park to remove all non-native threatening plant species.

Maintain, Preserve, Beautify

Battery Park in New Castle Delaware is a historical park that has been around since the beginning of this country. Our volunteers have worked to clean and maintain such an important landmark.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Philadelphia’s St.Thomas Aquinas Church has worked closely with our organization to provide inner city kids with Eco-friendly recycled bikes to help provide them with transportation around the city.


Taking pictures of large parks is a tremendous task with very important implications. With the help of many volunteers we are able to monitor land changes as well as ecological differences over time.